Property Locator
The map can be used to search for Planning Application in a selected area.

  • Click on the "Draw" button to be able to draw one or more areas that cover your property.
  • Alternatively you can click on "Select" to display all the land parcels and be able to pick the area(s) relating to your property. If the land parcels do not cover the whole area, you can select what is there and then draw on the extra shape by clicking on the "Draw" button.
  • When you are drawing, click on the map to start the required shape and then click at all the points/corners that you need. If you have clicked in the wrong place at any time, the BACKSPACE key will delete the last point which was clicked.
  • Press the ENTER or RETURN key when you have completed a shape. You can draw several shapes if required.
  • To apply a buffer to the shape(s) drawn and/or selected, enter the required number of metres in the box and click "Buffer". The maximium buffer size for the current scale of the map is indicated under the "Buffer" button. If you need to set a larger buffer simply zoom out. Once this has been set you can zoom in again if you wish, the buffer will not be shown but your chosen area(s) will be red to indicate the buffer is still being applied. If you want to remove a buffer, set the value back to zero and click "Buffer" again.
  • The "Zoom" button will make the map the right size to show all the shapes you have drawn and/or selected.
  • If necessary you can click the "Clear" button at any time to remove everything you have drawn or selected and start again.
  • When you are happy you have chosen all the areas that relate to your property click on the "Search" button to determine if there are any constraints which apply. The results of the search will be used on the next page.


Please select the areas on the map that comprise the full extent of the proposal (e.g. include the front and rear gardens as well as the property).