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16/05/2019Application Supporting DocumentsPlanning Response HGY 2019 04245075271
09/05/2019Officer Report & Associated Documents FinalReport5070912
01/05/2019Decision Notice Final$3980767: Decision Notice - Refusal - RF25062533
01/04/2019Application Supporting DocumentsHistoric Building Report and Heritage Assessment5027454
18/12/2018Application Form - RedactedApplicationFormNoPersonalData4928595
18/12/2018Application Supporting DocumentsArchway Bridge Anti-Suicide Measures - H.S. Report4928646
18/12/2018Application Supporting DocumentsHeritage Report4928607
18/12/2018Drawings - ExistingDwg ABH.18.001 - Existing Plan, Elevation & Sectio4928618
18/12/2018Drawings - ExistingSite Location Plan4928589
18/12/2018Drawings - ProposedDwg ABH.18.00.3 - Proposed Detailed Elevations and49286310
18/12/2018Drawings - ProposedDwg ABH.18.002 - Proposed Plan,, Elevation & Secti49286211

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